Sunday, 21 October 2007

Twofer Sunday

When last we left our hero, he was preparing to go out for the Sunday club ride...

A couple of interesting things happened and/or were mentioned to me in the last couple of days.

First, I notice that I am better the longer a race/ride is. Frequently I am struggling through the beginning of a ride, even though the first part of a ride is often easier. Yesterday, I was ROLLING after the two huge climbs. No effort at all to just smoke along. This is after 55 miles of riding and two climbs which, together, take about an hour. No sissy little 4% grades either. HILLS. This morning, I thought no way am I going to make the whole ride today. 2 hours later, I'm leading the group through the traditionally "hot" part of the ride, through a beyotch of a little power climb to a sprint point. Huh? Maybe I need to be taking 2 hour warmup rides before crits.

Second, it was mentioned to me that I ride harder when there is someone in front of me. I believe this to be true, and something that needs work. If I can chase that hard, I should be able to attack that hard, no? More of the whole mental game that needs to be played.

Third, I was complimented twice today on my nice smooth cadence up hills. This is something that has been in progress for a long time. Glad to see it is apparently getting results.

Fourth, I have discovered the magic art of climbing at one's own pace. Three times in the last two days, I have let people go off in front on climbs, and not even tried to stay with them. Just riding at my own pace, I got to the top first on the two longer climbs, and nearly took the short one, catching but ultimately still losing out to three strong climbers. Add in the mayhem and traffic of a race and this all goes out the window, but there's something there.

Fifth, my right knee sticks out when I ride. The miraculous thing about this is that my left knee doesn't. I am one of the more duckfooted people you will meet.

Sixth, I am dead tired and really hungry even though I've been hoovering food all afternoon.

Seventh, the Skins almost gave this one away too, huh?

I know the picture up top sucks, but bad picture > no picture.

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