Sunday, 21 October 2007

An awesome 70 miler out at Marshall yesterday with some of the team. We are seeing an excellent uptick in energy among the team. Everyone is just excited about what's going on. Blue Mountain Road is a son of a bitch, there's no way around it. El Ocho and I led the group to the top, with him making some noises you don't really normally hear. Lots of phlegmy stufff and swearing. Before we'd even gotten to the good part of the descent he had locked up both his quads and his hamstrings. Not too much you can do about that. It's kind of like strapping a piece of buttered toast to a cat's back.

The FPG is a mint sailor. Her team has made the gold fleet at Nationals and is doing really well. They beat up on the team that was 2nd in the Worlds this year (well, actually, the team they beat SCORED second at the Worlds, but because you are only allowed to have one team per country on the podium, they got pushed down to 4th. Sailing often does stupid stuff like this. Part of the reason I don't do it so much anymore), and I guess still have a shot at the title with one day left to go. My parents live near where the regatta is being held and were out on a boat to see one of their bigger wins yesterday. That's pretty cool.

The contact lens issues are becoming epidemic. I think my eyeballs are losing weight, as I lost both lenses yesterday, even after saving the right one when it tried to fly the coop early on. After like 15 years of wearing contacts skiing, windsurfing, sailing, riding, etc, I just don't know WTF is going on. I also need new sunglasses. My favorite Kaenons, after 5 years, are finally getting all rutted.

Well, time to go wrap my ass up in lycra so I can go ride the Sunday team ride.

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