Friday, 19 October 2007


My skills are as hoped. After getting bombed and eating chicken wings with people from work on Wednesday evening, I got the headlight all fixed up with nothing more than a hose clamp and some ingenuity. The tongue depressor, duct tape and assorted other crap get to stay in the tool kit for now. Of course it looks a little janky to have a hose clamp wrapped around my (aluminum) bars, but hey, Fred Sanford is my idol what can I say?

So now that I am equipped with front wattage, I get to be:

Which didn't keep me from almost killing myself last night. It's very obvious now why mountain bikers go with the helmet mounted headlight. When you go around a tight corner (very toight), you've got zippy vis-o-bility with the bar mounted brights. So I almost replicated my cracked rib of earlier this year about, oh, 6 feet from where it happened in July. Good one.

Work has pretty much sucked ass this week. That's all I'm going with. Too many hours, too much mud, just too much. I did, however, duck out today to pick up a shiny 12x26 cassette for tomorrow's Marshall Ride, which should make me a little more

than the last time up Mount Weather.

ps - If you don't know who Guy Smiley is, you suck.

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Jim said...

Dude, the people want pictures.

BTW, check out the Minoura Space Grip. It mounts over or under the bars and gives a sano light/computer mount.

I respect a Jed Clampettmobile Cycles Inc. as much as anybody, but where there's no need to pack the outhouse, I prefer to go slick.

FWIW, I wouldn't recommend the "swing grip," the longer version of it that is adjustable. It doesn't hold up well over time due to the hinging mechanism.