Monday, 10 September 2007

Home Again

Well we arrived into JFK yesterday at around 330pm local time and got home to DC just before 9. One of the highlights of the trip was one of the very last things that happened - we met funk music uberproducer Nile Rogers and Chic singer Silver in the Zurich airport. They were coming back from a private party they'd played somewhere over there. We gave them a bag of M&M's from the giant sack of candy we'd bought trying to spend our last Euros.

Short story was great trip. This may become the Vienna Chuckwagon, we like Vienna so much we want to move there. Prague was awesome too. Budapest was interesting. I've been thinking about maybe doing a post on each city, and expect that the Budapest one will be the toughest and most involved. For the meantime, suffice it to say that the Hungarians have had an unbelievably tough couple of centuries, and I need to spend some time trying to digest what I saw and learned while there.

One of the more lighthearted things that took place in Budapest was a ride around Margaret Island. So I did get some riding in over there - on a 4 person pedal powered golf cart kind of thing. Very funny.

Good to be home, sad not to still be on vacation.

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