Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuscon Day 3

Yesterday was Lemmon. Wow, 2 hours of climbing. Holy shit. Even if you climb it parked within zone 2 as I did, eventually it grinds you down. Would love to have a poke at it with some aggression but I don't know if that's going to fit in this week. Unless you are in really quite good shape, going hard up this thing is either a) not going to happen or b) going to wreck you for a month. Also, you start out at about 2k above sea level, and wind up a good stretch over 8k. You feel that, for sure, especially when about 4k is the highest you've ever been on a bike.

The Cycling Houseis phenomenal. Don't go if you're absolutely convinced that tomorrow's ride determines whether you'll get that pro contract or not, but if you want to get some great riding in with nice guests and an awesome group of guides, while being very well taking care of and eating first rate grub, it's good. Also, sag wagon.

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