Monday, 9 September 2013

The End of The Affair

After the App Gap debacle, I was pretty downcast about even doing the crit. It was supposed to rain, that course is really really fun if it’s dry but ooh la la in the wet, I was more or less concerned with just cutting my losses and not getting hurt. So I told myself that if it’s wet, I can bail, and if it’s dry, I’m racing. It was dry, so I raced.

The course was fun, as always. The first five or six laps were hella fast (we’d wind up with a 27mph average speed, which is fairly psychotic), but I was doing a ROLLING job of tailgunning, sprinted out of precisely none of the corners, laughed as I began pedaling later and less furiously than everyone who crammed ass to line up for turn 6, and generally had fun. At some point I thought that I’d better not be tailgunning so I moved way up, to the front row. Bad choice. Some piece of metal either rolled or was put onto the course, I hit it dead on, and though I didn’t crash, it wrecked my front rim. Wheel is totally true, but the brake track is toast. Stupid me did two laps on the thing before pitting (free laps were about to go away, and I was pretty unsure of how safe the wheel was.

that'll buff out...

So I pitted, and got pushed back in, and then I sort of rode around in a totally ineffective “oh, this is rather fun” mode, failed to begin moving up aggressively at 5 or 4 to go, got stuck near the back when the speed got dialed up to plaid, and finished at the back of the main field. The funny thing is that just doing no more than that moved me about up to mid-fleet for the GC. A lot of guys can’t ride crits, half the field either got pulled or got lapped pretty early on.

So that was Green Mountain 2013 from behind my handlebars. Kind of a catastrophe, but that’s why you need to make sure these trips have some other highlights beyond what happens while you’re pedaling. In that respect, it was a phenomenal trip. Without even misbehaving really at all, I had awesome food, a couple of good beers, lots of fun throwing the Frisbee and being a jackass with people from here and there, and it was definitely worth doing.

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