Monday, 8 April 2013

Swine Before Pearls

Sort of a good weekend for the pedaling of the bicycle. By the time we'd gotten out to Poolesville and done a lap of the course on Saturday, it had warmed up enough for me to take my headband off. Spring has sprung, bitches! As I noted to the missus while we were out there in parts beyond, that would have been really nice weather if it had been like a month earlier than it was. In any case, not bad, not bad at all. A long, hard, steady ride. For the watt geeks out there, 810kj/hour, 226w average, for 3.25 hours. I don't know about you but for my currently 165 pound ass, that's fine base riding. There used to be a lot more number geekery out there in the world, which was one of the 5 fundaments of the quality Cat 4 blog shenanigans. I miss all that crap, it was funny. So allayall should post all your stuff about how your fancy scorecard maker says you're going to slay all before you.

This will serve as the annual ponderment/warning that will mostly be irrelevant for people who read this - sometimes girls will pass you. You do not need to interrupt whatever it is/was you are/were doing in order to give frantic chase and rectify that situation. It will all be fine. Just tell yourself it was a dude with longer hair and a nice ass.

The guy who designed the Niner cable routing scheme is clearly a major misanthrope. It says a lot that a Cervelo P3 is WAY easier to rig out than a Niner Air 9 Carbon. So that was the owner of my Saturday afternoon. Fortunately it was a lovely day and the general pleasantness of the environs mitigated what otherwise would have been a swell and cacophony of words that the neighbor girl and her friends would not have wanted to hear while they were playing in their back yard. In any case, the build turned out awesomely, the wife was thrilled, and all well in the world.

That being done, Sunday was of course time to go test things out. I fucking love mountain biking. Fountainhead served up two of its finest loops for us. We didn't really go fast like the hammers of hell, but the pace was solid. A standard amount of stoppage time. No one got any flats! (the three of us are near chronic flat getters) I rode well, which was nice and a big surprise. I've got 2 days on a mountain bike since early fall, so the potential was certainly there for me to suck on ice at the whole bike handling part of it, but the first lap wasn't terrible and the second lap, if I dare say, was quite good.

We are as set as we are going to be for next Saturday's Baker's Dozen. I'm a bit screwed because in theory I could potentially be racing my mountain bike on Saturday at 10pm, and then racing my road bike on Sunday at either noon or 3pm (or 1pm, but that race is a damn death wish). So what I'm saying is that yougotdropped should get his ass ready.


chris said...

Wow, I thought this was a road racing posting,...but I guess youre maybe just into pedaling,.. thats cool bro. Mountain biking is sweet sometimes , but other times it is nice to close contact , crush , the others..not to be aggressive or anything...?

Chuck Wagon said...

Dude I raced like 25 times last year and twice already this year. I feel like I'm barely recovered from cross but have 5 races in the next three weeks. Last weekend wasn't just pedaling, although I am fully into pedaling. I modestly don't think many people who aren't ready to pin a number on could have hung on Sunday. 3 racers, getting ready for a race. It was fast it was fun.

You going to play the game this year?