Friday, 7 September 2012

I Got The Look

pictures not relevant to anything today, I just like it

Last night, I'm out for about a 90' ride just with the intention of going steady and not very hard, endurance pace. As I approach MacArthur coming down Goldsboro, I see a rider going pretty hard outbound on MacArthur. By the time I'm on dirty Mac behind him, he's slowing down as we both approach a red light at the heated bridge, which turns green. He's a junior on a big junior team. Now I'm ahead of him as we go out dirty Mac. I'm sort of rolling along, threading two gears, one of which is a soupcon too easy, the other of which is a dollop too steep, and I kind of feel bad for the kid because he's on my wheel and I'm not exactly going excitingly fast. Just steady, very (very) low 20s. We approach Angler's and I feel like turning around and telling the guy "just go ahead here, I'm not going to press it on this thing," but instead I've got a nose stuffed full of glue so I kind of inch over to the right so as not to hammer him with my boogers. Next thing I know he's coming around me, jersey open, DANCING on the pedals, and he fucking fully straight up gives me THE LOOK. It was awesome. Away he goes.

The only fault was that he kept looking back, and I considered giving it 10 seconds worth of serious stick on the flat about a minute in just to have some fun with him, but instead I just stayed with the plan. He dropped down into the park and I kept going out Falls.

Bravo, guy. That was fucking pro, and I enjoyed it.

In other news, from what I hear this guy Steve Tilford is pretty much a complete nozzle, but he's as old as time and should have had a pretty good look at everything that's gone on since about Major Taylor's heyday. He's not so much with thinking good things about TD.

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Kevin Cross said...

That TD takedown is raw! Wow.