Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Drinking The Kool Aid

We got some Skratch Labs drink mix a while ago. Somewhat motivated by getting the cookbook and liking a lot of the stuff in it. So we got a thing of Lemon/lime and a thing of Orange. There was also a trial size of raspberry that they included.

My wife generally hates sports drinks, while I have sort of an iron gut and can deal with mostly anything. The Skratch stuff is expensive but like most things if you're aware of how you're using them its not so bad. At about $1/bottle you don't waste it.

So it takes a little bit to get used to since the flavor at first is barely there and it has a bit of a salty taste too. Once you get used to it it tasted very very good when you're riding and you're hot and thirsty. The raspberry is the most accessible flavor, you like it right away for sure, but the others are all good too. Currently on pineapple which you might think would be not so good but it's really good.

Last night I did a long endurance ride to Poolesville. At 6:54pm it was 96.6* out (I have a time/temp screen on my garmin these days) and I was through most of two bottles when I made the home turn on River off of Partnership. Hoping that the Southern States place before Bretton Woods would be open I figured I would get a drink there. Closed. So I drank the dregs of what I had and planned to stop at the BP at Falls/River. Once there I got a lemon/lime Gatorade, which used to be a staple but which I haven't had in a long time. Holy shit it was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Make no mistake I pounded the thing but oh my God it was awful - way too sticky sweet, artificial tasting, just nasty. If it had been kiddie pool temperature like the water in my bottles and not ice cream headache cold, I couldn't have done it.

So now in addition to being a princess on a huge laundry list of things I am now completely spoiled for what I will drink. I hope the always include the 15% off coupons in each order.


Ike said...

Keep an eye on I snagged 4 bags for half price not too long ago.

wrobb said...

regarding that Southern States store...there is a faucet on the backside of that store that I always have used without a problem, even while they are closed on sundays.