Monday, 9 April 2012

The Prancing Ponies

This weekend was the first one in a LONG time with no bike riding. Parents were in town, don't get to see them much, wanted to maximize time with them. First thing I notice on the ride this morning is that my legs don't hurt, at all. That was nice.

As much as I rule Strava on mountain bikes, doing that wall of a bike path near Chain Bridge from a cold stop with a 10# backpack on is no way to win a segment. But there are times posted on that which would crush me if I had a 25 mph head of steam and a bag of -10# of helium on my back. Some people go fast for short distances. I am not the king of those people.

Can't decide which race(s) to do at Dolan, but since I would like to be not completely suck at All American I have decided to race at Dolan. The Masters race fits the schedule best. Then AA and Fair Hill the week after, then Greenbrier. For those who like to follow people with your trombones ("wah wah - you said this race was important to you and you sucked at it - wah wah" - which is after all 2/3 the fun of blogs) Fair Hill is sort of a trombone race for me and Greenbrier is a big one. Getting crushed between now and those is likely and irrelevant to me.

I'd like To reintroduce the phrase 'the Flemish handshake' for guttering someone. People should use that. It's funny.

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Calvini said...

I affirm the use of the phrase "Flemish handshake." Boonen gave a nice firm one to Lars Boom earlier this year.