Sunday, 12 February 2012

No Bad Weather...

Charming weekend of bicycle pedaling and other tomfoolery. Started out on Saturday morning with a wee threshold test. I know there are lots of people just flying right now and I'm not one of them. I'm in a Goldilocks zone. Cross season was the wildcard this year, but that ended, a break was taken, and training was resumed. I'm the man at base and build. Threshold has never been the issue. Threshold isn't the riddle I need to solve. The dogmatic presumption is that you build the base and build the threshold and then go from there and it will all come. "Go from there" sometimes gets a little weird.

But doing that test in the cold rain sure was awesome. And that was looking like the better day.

Fortunately, today wasn't that bad. Yeah, it was cold and windy. And riding a mountain bike with ski mittens on doesn't exactly impart ninja-esque dexterity on the whole deal, but all told to get a 40 mile mountain bike ride in where you're on pavement for about 3 miles of it is just peachy. The towpath part was a little windy, but apart from that you're just in thick trees, the wind doesn't really come through. Undressing was kind of a funny thing, as everything I was wearing was pretty soaked from sweat, but I was borderline toasty the whole time.

Apologies for not having any tales of blowing past people. Also, there were plans to take many pictures for visual interest. Unfortunately, even though I had the phone inside my jacket, the cold got the better of the battery. Drained it right down dead. So be aware of that. Keep your phone warm or it won't work. You might need it.

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