Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Cross Track Project, Update 1

I got to be that guy yesterday, as a project I've been working on for a while concluded with the relevant person proclaiming "damn, man, this is the best walk through I've done in a long, long, long time. I've got nothing to pick on, I accept the space." Some quick paperwork at the County (an impossibility, I know - I have to go back when they open in a bit to - shocker - drop off a check for a big fat fee) later and it was 1pm and beautiful and I was basically done for the week. With a big bad bruiser of a workout on tap for later, it was a perfect window to do some work on the cross track.

Here's what the problematic section looked like before:

And here's what it looked like after:

The downhill view from after:

So as you can kind of see in the last shot, someone has actually done a re-route in the intervening time, and it's a pretty well done thing. It crosses the grade in a good way, it high sides a tree so it's stable - someone knows what's up. Cool to see. What this does is leave an opportunity for an A-line/B-line section. I don't have the time, talent, tools, or inclination to get all Digger at Ladies Only on the thing, but maybe there's a chance to make a good drop or something. This trail rides pretty well in both directions, and approaching this from the counter clockwise way, which is in general the more slower and more grind-y way to do it, offers the shot at a good drop. But I'm about to have huge access to useful pressure treated scrap, which means a bridge of some sort is within easy reach. The more mountain bike way to do this bit is clockwise (better flow, more speed) versus counter for cross (transitionus interrupticus, odd accelerations, etc), so having some sort of way to make it fun for mtb riding while going clockwise would make sense. And then just use the re-route for doing it on cross bikes counterclockwise.

I also cut out an annoying trunk that was stopping off a good section on a tiny little trail part that's closest to the house.

Leaving from our back gate, it's possible to do a huge amount of off road with like almost no road riding.

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