Sunday, 22 January 2012

True Stories

I've got a pretty big fetish going for these things. When I get a pair for myself, I think I'm going mango. Slowly working through a fairly enormous pile of wheels to build. Waiting on a few sets of hubs now. For the first time since I know not when, I actually had no wheels to build this afternoon.

Went pink on the bartape when I recabled the front derailleur a few days ago. In honor of J Pow, I guess. We had a few rolls left in the house from the breast cancer awareness month thing, and I was sick of black. I think it looks pretty cool.

Being left with no choice but to ride the darn trainer this weekend, I'm impressed with how unattractive this is as an option in general, yet how effective it is. I went into the lair at 11:52 and emerged at 2:14, having ridden for 2:07 and scored 160 TSS points and burned 1817 kilojoules. Freaking efficient. The first hour was full of all sorts of merriment, happy happy joy joy, and then the last hour really kind of sucked, culminating with 15' at darn near threshold. It wasn't so much that it was painful and hard, although it included both of those emotions, it just took a lot of concentration.

Total training time this week was 8:15. That doesn't seem like very much, yet the week was worth like 610 TSS points. Normally I'm not this big of a geek on training stuff. The point is, when you're only riding the trainer, it doesn't seem like you need that much in the way of hours. Coming out of cross, I had no idea what was going on with my fitness, but I definitely was more than capable of blowing the f up completely after like 1:37. So, now I can blow the f up at 2:08. Fantastic.

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