Monday, 9 January 2012

Something About Books and Covers

This 'can't tell exactly what you're looking at from casual lookovers' is a recurring theme for me right now. Imagine standing in the middle of an Apple store, thinking 'am I actually in a real Apple store?'

Saturday was exactly what it looked like - an asswhipping at the hands of two guys who are vastly better than me on mountain bikes. All is not lost though, as I stayed close enough to be able to peg them back every time except for when a frisbee golf playing dog wanted to play mountain biking at the end. I love dogs. Can't help it. Also, every time we did a section twice, I proved to be a fast learner and didn't get gapped. My water will turn to wine when I can approach things for the first time with the fuego with which I re-ride them.

Sunday was the funhouse for sure. I don't even think the guy was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He was just an extremely fast sheep. You wouldn't have picked him to do anything but get dropped, and there he was straight rolling the whole time. Not even hanging on. Rolling. Didn't seem troubled at all.

Ahh. Vague. It's the new specificity.

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