Monday, 26 December 2011

Here's the scene

Sneaking away for some Dirty J single track was mint. Met up with Pauly D and The Situation at the trailhead and we blasted a coupla laps at Allaire. Then hit GTL. But seriously, Allaire is a pretty fun joint. It's just bermed twists for miles. Really fun. More of a steady effort, you just stay on the pedals, left right left right, the whole time. But no matter how much faster you get, there's always someone out there... I was following these two guys for a while, when the rear guy waved me through. The front guy just TURNED IT ON and it was all on to stay with him. He died pretty soon but wow the guy could ride his bike.

Trying something a bit different for a bit and going on HR for the main workouts. I need to see something. Not that that's any change for mountain biking.

In the new year, I will continue to avoid road races where people are going for upgrade points. Won't be able to completely avoid, but I think upgrade points make a lot of races suck. 1/2/3 races don't seem to fall victim. Masters races sometimes get stupid because of BAR fights (witness Jeff Cup last year - the single dopiest race ever) so you even have to be aware there. Hey look at that there's a ton of mtb races.

The wife has to get healed soon. Being broken is no fun at all. Having the person you do everything with be broken feels like missing something pretty important indeed. She's back on the trainer next week. I remember that first ride. It was awful.

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