Sunday, 11 September 2011

Seriously, People...

Sometimes, you're going to get passed by women. Today I did about 65 miles with two women, who between them have won about 15 races this year, had their picture on (for a good reason, even), and won a pantload of prize money. You think maybe if any of the dudes who acted like complete twats today knew any of that, that they would still have acted the way they did?


Getting passed by a woman means absolutely nothing. Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing indifferent. Nothing. Getting passed by a woman, and then flailing on your bicycle in order to get back in front of the group containing said women, only to get 50' in front of said group and then completely blowing up and probably ruining the rest of your ride means something. It means you're an ass.

I'm nowhere near the rider that either of the women I was with are, yet I could do 100 rides with dudes and have the same general setup as today and never once have what happened today happen. Do the same ride with chicks 100 times, and what happened today happens 100 times. Actually it happens a lot more than that, since it happened a couple of times today.

Totally stupid.

Otherwise, what a nice ride all around. Beautiful weather, smooth riding, just a great time. I wish it was always like that.

I'm going to get my ass kicked at cross. Holy crap will this not be pretty.

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Calvini said...

Try being an old man and passing people! See what happens.

Also, love the positive thinking. I'm right on board with that doom and gloom stuff. Somehow, I feel better in the end when I tell myself I'm going to get clobbered.