Saturday, 20 August 2011

Season In Pictures

In hindsight, road season ended at Lost River. We wanted it to end at Appalachia, but that didn't turn out. Life gets in the way. Still had a nice ride today, a really nice ride. Now we have a few more weeks of fun and games with mountain bikes and working on rebuilding base (Blue Mountain today showed just how tragic the base currently is), and learning how to ride a CX bike proper, and then into more races. Seem to be racing less and less, but focusing more and enjoying those races that I actually do ever more. Had an interesting discussion with the missus about racing goals for next year. She pulled out a goodie. Mine are hills and dirt. Dirt on bikes that you should race on dirt. Hers not. New kit these days, my first ever crack at kit design. Have to say, I'm pretty awful psyched with how it came out. Somehow the transformation that started with my mind, continued with crayons and some very South Park looking computer drawings, and culminated with the magic of Mariola at Verge, came out pretty much exactly precisely what I imagined. Unreal. I love it. You might not. In the immortal words of Smokey, "I don't give a f..."

Remember how awful last winter was? It looks beautiful in pictures. Didn't seem so beautiful when everybody had to walk like 90% of Snotcycle.

The Bike Doctors came out of the blocks with a great promotion at Black Hills, then had a ridiculous year of results. I like those guys.

Retrospectively, this was the first long pointless but pretty and fun ride of the silly season.

Lost River made it successfully through year 3. Mike Brindza makes my wall of fame for a great promotion. Still love the event. Raced it for the first time. Not as much love for that part. Shit that was painful.

If I never race again, this will have been the pinnacle of my enjoyment of the sport. Killington 2011 fucking ruled it.

We started off a little weak on our dirt program but it's ended solidly. Recently, post Patapsco. We didn't mean to be d-bags, a rain storm just popped up.

New kit.

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