Thursday, 26 May 2011

Killington, Day -1

Never been this excited for a race before. I hate myself. I can't believe I'm actually excited for a bike race. I can't believe I'm taking vacation days to race bikes. I can't believe I'm driving this far for a race. Uggh. I hate myself. (That was an inside joke with a very small audience. Very small.)

Here is a view from the prep ride we did last weekend. Probably won't have too many chances to get panoramic vistas like this this weekend so here you go.

The furthest I've ever gone for a race is PA. Maybe NJ. But the NJ races are visits to in-laws disguised as races. Maybe vice-versa. Who knows.

Prep is pretty good, I feel pretty good about that. I'm not one to set the world on fire but I should be able to make a good accounting for myself. The last race type effort was last night at Greenbelt, which I hadn't done in almost two years, and had never done the A race before. Pretty darn mellow. I'm racing alone this weekend so I tried to hit the major points last night - chase, bridge, break. Did all three, with varying degrees of success. The banner part was that in previous races with the varsity kids, I've been sort of a spectator with good seats. Last night I really raced, quite a bit. Didn't quite finish that well, but after one last late chase followed by a (pretty feeble and short lived, but extent nonetheless) attack on the next lap, I thought I'd be totally punched for the finale. I wasn't. There was the usual crowd of guys who made their first appearance at 300m to go, and a bunch of them went by. There were the three guys who raced as hard probably harder than me all race and were 1-2-3, which was great for them and well done. But I was just after that, so, you know, hooray.

However, illness lurks. Actually it's doing a hell of a lot more than lurking right now. I sure as hell hope it misses me.

Oil change, pack the car, off we go.

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Calvini said...

Ya looked good last night. Good luck, and get some stories to tell.