Thursday, 14 April 2011

On Donna Dixon

Bosom Buddies launched a pretty funny array of careers. Tom Hanks, Donna Dixon, and the lady who played Tom Hanks' boss and was a cougar. A role she is still playing some 30 years hence. Then you had Peter Scolari and that cliche landmine friend of the hot chick.

The best bike food I've ever had was Whole Foods croissant bread pudding cake. Definitely only appropriate to less intense rides since while it is a 10 on the delicious scale it does not score as well on any other metric. The food that you are supposed to eat on rides all bores me and I do it only out of necessity. Clif Blocks are the least objectionable. Honey Stingers give me a mandatory and immediate trip to the outhouse.

One thing I don't get about some people who do bike fits is that they don't place the saddle height/setback/cleat position first. I've heard a lot of comments that post set back is related to reach or bike size. It is absolutely not. I don't understand why someone would recommend I stalling a zero setback post if the problem was too long of a reach.

My parents have sold my childhood home. We went up last weekend for a last visit there. I'm a particularly (many have said peculiarly) unemotional person but the place where I grew up has always been a very important part of my life. If the micro region of where I was reared didnt happen to be part of the macro region of the shitshow that is Long Island, I might happily live there now. It's really nice there, but man does it have downsides. I guess every place does - pick your poison. When I lived there, I rode a bit (I got my first road bike senior year of HS and the the cycling equivalent of jogging for a long time) so I know a lot of nice places to ride and we had a nice final tour of my favorite roads. Now my parents are off to RI, a state which I colonized for my family but where I am the only current non-resident among my family. Weird.

Training is training. I don't know what the heck to do with the schedule, like a lot of other people I've got precisely one hour of racing in my legs this year so far. The last group ride I did was in January. I will probably get absolutely motored this weekend, especially since I plan on doing just Masters and 1-2-3 races. We're fortunate to need to spend a lot of time working on the business. I think I've had a breakthrough in my lacing and intermediate steps in wheel builds because the final tensioning and truing steps have gotten a lot quicker recently. Same end result but less time to get there. So that's good

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