Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Crap I Hate

So normally I'm pretty Mary Sunshine on this here blog, and that's both because I'm conditioned not to get too down in the mouth about much and also because I'm sort of terminally able to see the bright side of things. But here's a bit of a dump.

1. I hate rest weeks. Nothing illustrates the Sysyphean madness of bike racing better than a rest week. You spend three or four weeks building up and seeing the fruit start to blossom, and then it starts to smell a little toasty around your legs so you ease back for a week. Congratulations, you suck at the radsport all over again.
2. I hate time trials. The clock is a shitty bunny for this dog to chase. I started last week with the chopsticks bars and am going to steal Mike's tt bike to try and stanch the bleeding at Killington and Washington County this year. I should really not suck at time trials, and yet I really do.
3. I hate the first couple of minutes of crits. I've never been a fast starter.
4. I hate the last half lap of most races. I've never been a fast finisher.
5. I guess by default I do love the middle of races because I always want to race again.
6. I hate that there is seemingly more genetic inequality in this sport than perhaps any other. Except for some of the others. Actually a lot of the others. Genetically speaking, I was made to race windsurfers. Good thing that found me. Oh the joy to actually f-ing be really good at something.
7. I don't hate building aluminum wheels, but I really prefer building carbon ones.

Call me Tom because that's a pretty damn petty list.

One thing I love is rides like we did this Sunday. Out in the great outdoors, in beautiful surroundings and beautiful weather. It's funny as hell when the two of us ride and we see dudes I race against. They can't possibly know that I can ride as hard as I want/am able to and she'll stay glued there all freaking day. They probably think we're better off on a recumbent with a nice orange flag. So Sunday was mint. And despite two absolutely miserable "I should just quit the effing radsport" workouts on Friday and Saturday, I was burning good fuel on Sunday. Blue Mountain was my bitch. Mount Weather roughed me up a tiny little bit, I was looking for more out of that one. But in general, yeah, great. That loop in 3:50? I'll take it.


CGM said...

You two are so effing cute, it's not even funny.

Finally rode my Novembers, loved them.

Sigberto Garcia said...

The last half lap frequently IS the race.

Chuck Wagon said...

C - what took you so long?

B - you were perhaps reading 'the adventures of captain obvious' when you wrote that?