Thursday, 24 March 2011

Go Race At Morgantown

Unfortunately, the Harwood race has had to be rescheduled. These things happen. Fortunately, ABRA - promoters of the Tour of Tucker County - are all set to go with the Morgantown Road Race on April 2nd.

Like other ABRA races, the Morgantown Course is one big loop. It makes a big difference in the feel of the race, all to the good. There are 5 significant climbs. From my read of the profile only one of them is really steep. The rest seem like long burns at enough grade to separate the contenders from the pretenders

Sure, it's a pretty far ride, but it's not that far. Car pool. Make an adventure out of it. One of my favorite days of last year was the Appalachia Visited race, which ABRA also puts on. JR and the ABRA people do a great job promoting and they're into it just so we have fun. They won't try to scam you for free pants or anything dopey like that. They have the big picture in mind - put on great races and people will want to keep coming back. As much as I've like Walkersville in years past, several team mates and I had planned on doing Morgantown even when Harwood was on. We went last year and couldn't wait to come back.

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aaron said...

The first climb on that course is barely noticeable. The second and third climb is where the entire race blows apart. From there the race is led by those who can climb and descend incredibly well pacelining to the fourth climb which is more of a power climb than anything. The fifth climb is very steep and doesn't have the best surface, but you are mostly blown by that point anyway, and those last few miles are so fast on the gradual downhill.