Sunday, 6 March 2011

Farewell, Dear Friends

I really like beer. Good beer is fun to open and pour, and smell, and taste. Big fan. It's got some downsides too, though. It's painfully expensive to get the good stuff. It's not really very good for you. And it makes you fat.

Training, as it turns out, has been going well. I did a test yesterday and it was very good. Even better because I tested on MacArthur rather than on a hill like I usually do, but it was still a best for me. Even though I missed my admittedly ambitious goal by a couple of ticks, I'm really pleased. The goal mark is easily going down next time I hit a big hill with any freshness.

We're making the trip to Killington later this spring. I'm looking forward to it, mostly because I've never been to a "big" race before. No unrealistic expectations, but I'd like to be able to play the game, and with the way training's going, that's doable. But there are a few hills in VT, and I'm darn sure I don't want to be lugging 8 or 9 pounds of hefeweisen or dubbel up said hills. So the severe curtailment of beer enjoyment begins today. It could easily be a free half pound of weight loss per week.

It's time to get a little serious. I'm psyched.

The business is going really well. You'll see a bunch of November wheels at Black Hills and Jeff Cup. Frames shortly thereafter.


GamJams said...

I may cross a line here, but I lost 8 pounds last season by switching to non-alcoholic beer. There are two reasons for this: 1) the alcohol is what diminishes your body's ability to neutralize fat. It cuts in front of the line to your small intestine, and puts all the other stuff you consumed on hold, which turns it to fat. So it's not really the alcohol that turns into weight - it's everything else. and b) Non-alcoholic beer is not yummy. There's really no reason to drink more than one. Quench your thirst at happy hour and you're done.

Buckler used to sponsor a professional cycling team. St Pauli NA is passable as well, as is Kaliber.

Jim said...


fpg said...

Really, NA beer? No, just no. You are a sick man GJ.

chuck hutch said...

I lost 8 pounds by switching to non-beeric alcohol. There is one reason. 1) the beer content was neutralizing my bodys abilility to absorb the alcohol in turn diminishing it's effect. The beer cut in line ahead of the alcohol which in turn made it harder to feel it's effect. So it's really not the beer that gets you drunk, its the alcohol. It was hard tough because b) beer is yummy. When I think about it, there is really no need to seperate the beer from the alcohol - just quinch your thirst after you ride and during happy hour.

Coors light, Budwiser and Sierra Nevada all used to sponsor proffesional teams.

GamJams said...

Sorry, someone hacked my account and posted profanities.