Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hours and Hours of Fun

I've developed an inability to walk. I'm not sure, but the most likely cause is today's ride. We welcomed a new team mate into the fold, and he immediately invited us for a ride from his house. Mother father that was a stout ride. We just f'ing crushed it for 70 and change. The headwind didn't hurt - we were into the teeth of a gale until the big hills took their pound of flesh. And take it they did. I'm pretty certain I've never seen 260w normalized power for 4+ hours.

Descending and trying to maintain straight lines were something of a challenge. A big challenge, actually. But the last few miles in were fun with the tailwind. Going 30 never felt so good. I'm on a mission to get pictures but no dice between the gloves and the hurricane. No chance.

This winter's training definitely has me in a different spot than previous years. Hopefully better all told. I'll leave it there. You pay your Monet and you take your choice.

The iPad did the Monet thing but I like it.

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