Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ahh, The Flu

After the SnotCycle fun and games wrapped up, I got home and turned in my second pretty serious trainer workout in as many days. I've been doing well with the trainer. Much fun was had that evening with roasted swine and other delectables. Sunday, we thought a ride outside would be good and came home looking like broom wagon victims at Paris-Roubaix.

Following the ride, I took a few minutes to compare some work from last year to this year. Despite longer weekend rides last year (as weather allowed), the weekly TSS has been consistently higher this year. It's really too easy to glorify what you've done in years past. The actual, surprising fact is that this year's work has been quite good. There are two significant changes I'm going to make in the next blocks. My strengths are okay but my weaknesses devastating. The technique of getting that work done will be key.

The Burns Supper was awesome. Quality haggis. I mean seriously good. Thanks to all who put that together.

Monday was first day at the new site, getting the lay of the land and catching the flu. By 10pm I was in the full achy chills. Tuesday I couldn't peel myself off the bed. Wednesday was the same. Went to the doctor this morning, and made it official. 5 days of Tamiflu. I wonder if that's on the WADA list?

The funny thing was, having eaten a grand total of 4 pieces of toast and 1 orange in the past 3 days, I look all sorts of leaned out. I weighed 163 in pants, belt and shirt at the doctor's. I guess being cut down by malady has it's upside.

So now this week's become an unscheduled rest, and I'm guessing it's going to take a little bit next week just to get my feet back under me. It's screwing with my equations, I tell you.

Okay that's it back to sleep.

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Titania said...

Damn, I got the flu too - wonder if it was going around or it was all that cool socks showing on Saturday.

I wish the flu would have EXACTLY that same effect on my appetite tho.

Feel better!