Sunday, 9 January 2011


Man it was cold out today. I should check the Garmin to see what the temp was whilenriding, but I was dressed about as extensively as I can, and that was just enough. How cold must it have been on the Haymarket ride? I waited until 11. When the Haymarket ride left at 8 it must have been in the low 20's. Zoinks.

Yesterday was a big trainer sesh when I got home from work. I'm a bit sick of using that phrase "when I got home from work" regarding Saturdays and other days on which I should not really have to work. Haven't had a non-holiday Saturday off in a long f'ing time. Anyhow, did about 90 minutes on the trainer, which was a great workout and very productive, but it made riding outside today more attractive than it would otherwise have been given the cold.

This fall, I rode up to the Schooley Mill CX race and there are some really nice roads up there. The problem is that you have to ride on some uninspiring roads to get there. So like today I did about 3 hours, but I only got about an hour on the roads that I went there for. Need to figure out a good route up there, since it's a very good alternative to going west on River.

The project at work is headed to completion which is great. So fast, this thing has gotten done. Looking like it's going to be crazy right away on the new project. Really? I'm a bit over everything being full press all day every day. Working on some things to alleviate that.

Sort of a little bit concerned about where the numbers aren't right now. They're okay, but nothing special. I have to kick it up.

Haymarket next week. Psyched for that.


Nick said...

yo, it was in the low 20s when the haymarket ride rolled. and it was only 30 when i rolled my dropped ass back to the shop there. but it was pretty neat.

chris said...

Zoicks...yes work does take its toll. January ...