Monday, 18 October 2010

It's been a busy weekI took the wheels out for a day at the photographer's
Then we unpacked all the demo frames and good stuff.
Went riding with some friends and stopped for a snack
And learned that we have big gigantic freak me out snakes here. On MacArthur, even.

In and among all of this good stuff, I took a whole pile of photos, planned a big event, glued on a whole pantload of tubulars, installed more cassettes than I ever have before, built up a frame and put about 6 hours on it, cut 4 forks to size without screwing one up, installed 4 headsets, logo'd 4 bikes, got about a dozen final inspection on the work project, and made a reservation for the test seating at the new joint, where I will get as drunk as I can without making an ass out of myself.

Come to Rock Creek Park on Saturday at 1030. The parking lot immediately downhill of where the 10am ride starts. If you plan to do the 10am, we'll be set up by around 930. Have a coffee and a donut, and check out our bikes. If you can do the ride with us, awesome. We'll have swag - good swag, worth getting. If you can come by after, we'll be grilling food. The weather is going to be good.

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