Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Just 20 Weeks Until Tradezone!

All this beautiful weather is bittersweet since it gets dark too early to ride after work. Getting my light out of purgatory would help, but that's a touchy one that I can't go into. The other thing is that I find some time away from the bike helpful.

Wheels are sold. Next up for bids is a nearly new 28 hole DT240 rear hub. It's been built and used for a couple hundred miles. The freehub is barely scored. Competitive Cyclist has them for $390. First $250 takes it. Skewer not included.

Anecdotally, the best way to throw your training off track is to talk about it a whole lot. I'll play with that fire just a little bit. The plan is to only be on the trainer once a week through until December sometime. The other time will be spent doing some running, some lifting, some plyometrics and the stair mill. The stair mill is a brutal animal that crushes souls, but provides a pretty extraordinary LT-type workout.

Also, if anyone out there plays squash or wants to, and is convenient to Chevy Chase, let me know. The gym we go to has a nice court that's almost always open and it's not that expensive. The owner wants to get more peope using it so he'll probably hook you with some killer deal.

Another boring post. Splendid.


fpg said...

Are you bored of the beatdowns you routinely give me? Looking for some better competition? Understandable.

Nick said...

plyometrics will make you fast. thats a good idea.

Jim said...

I'm inclined to cockpunch you for even mentioning Tradezone. And I'm probably not the only one who thinks this way.

Chuck Wagon said...

Nick - two and a half YEARS after I broke my leg, I can now reliably hop on my right leg. That was a pipe dream for many many moons.

Jim - I heard some crossnik refer to "8 months 'til cx" last year, so can't we all just get along? PS I think Tradezone has been relegated to the annals. I'll have to find someplace else to go try and be a February all star. Congrats on the family flight pattern. My better half is looking for a bike to use. BTW I'm winning the hell out of that damn "never done a cx race before and doing it on a mountain bike and all other ways that I can excuse my suckingness" suitcase of sausage off of you. The HELL out of it.