Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Shopworn Fantasies Possibly Downgraded, News at 11.

"Cities and the Wealth of Nations" by Jane Jacobs is the next thing on my reading list. Apparently it's sort of a rebuttal of Thomas Friedman's "Hi My Name's Tom and I'm Totally Delusional" series, specifically "The World Is Flat" and "The Lexus and The Olive Tree."

Yes, I know that I am apparently contradicting myself in word and deed here. Apparently being the big deal, because I'm not. If the domestic composite bike building industry (which fundamentally no longer exists) had made the investments that Taiwan has made, there are a lot of conversations we wouldn't be having. Supply chain is the compelling bit of our story, not cheap production. The production ain't that cheap in Taiwan. And that's the thing - they've gotten well beyond the point where "good" surpasses "cheap." And it seems that passing that point is the great leap forward (get it? - it's a PRC reference) in obsoleting yourself, at least in the Friedman paradigm.

ps - extra credit for any hippie who can credit the "shopworn fantasies" term.


Jim said...

Dark Star by Crosby Stills Nash (and was Young still with em??) That was easy. No static at all. And I'm not even a hippie.

Chuck Wagon said...

The worst kind of a hippie. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt there, Jaime.

And no extra extra credit for the subtle Steely Dan reference either. Or 3rd Bass, whichever you intended.

GamJams said...

Dude, you sound like Dennis Miller working the red carpet at Interbike.

Chuck Wagon said...

That's IT!! I take over from Bob Roll on the TdF coverage and just make a whole bunch of stream of conscious metaphors that no one will get! Brilliant!

Until they boot me off and replace me with Mike Tirico or some other vanilla milquetoast.