Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I Don't Even Freaking Know

Jim's got all the action happening over at his joint. It's a complicated issue. If you held a race and could reasonably expect a dozen Cat 4 dudes to show, would you sacrifice another field to have a Cat 4 men's field? It's one of those ones where everyone has to walk a mile in the other group's shoes. Isn't life like that a lot?

I guess this is "talk about fields at races" week for me because I got involved in another conversation about how the Masters 3/4 field was ruining opportunities for other people to race - a premise with which I disagree.

Being a bike racer's hard work, on the bike and off. You have to fit a lot of stuff into tighter corners than it would ordinarily fit in order to get your training in, you have to do your training, you have to say no to that tempting 5th beer almost every night, and you have to give back. I don't care how you do it, you have to give back.

I've lately been inspired by a (really really freaking good) racer who's very motivated to give back in the coming year, and I'm lucky enough that this person wants to do it in a way that involves me. Very cool.

Okay I'm done, time to go do some November stuff.

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