Monday, 26 July 2010


This kid's been killing it at some group rides around town and got himself a W in the 5 race.

A great fight for 2nd and 3rd in the Men's 3-4. Stay classy, San Diego.

Kacy delivered a pretty firm ass kicking in the Women's 3-4. The next 4 places in this race were taken by 4s.

Thank you to Scott and Anne Mabry, Jason and Shannon Trust, Mike and Susan Laker, Jay and Audrey, Myron, NCVC, Bob Dillard and The Guest House, Hardy County, every volunteer, and everyone else who made it possible for the Lost River Classic to see another edition. I know it wasn't easy and I know there were times when it wasn't much fun, but Saturday's event was outstanding.

As it happened, I pre-rode the course Friday, desperately hoping to feel something other than awful, and got shunned. Up the Dispanet climb, I knew I was screwed when my throat completely closed up shop, but the missus was able to get more familiar with the course so that was very helpful. Barring some overnight miracle, I was hosed.

How do you respond to that? Go to the pool and get hammered. Some races have had tshirts and water bottles, although few as cool as Lost River's, I feel comfortable saying that Lost River is the only bike race with its own cocktail: Meyers and pineapple, served with an orange wedge and a maraschino cherry. Next year The Guest House has promised to have a shaker of nutmeg to do them really right. By Saturday evening, we'd started an epidemic and I think the Meyers rep will be happy with the restock order.

Now featuring a ripe hangover, I soigneured for the team and just enjoyed the scene. I loved - absolutely loved - watching the day go along smoothly. Racers seem to make a big deal about the race and get up for it. I got some good photos (link will be on GJ Monday) and then headed to the feedzone and to watch the end of the women's race.

It was exactly one year ago yesterday, on the Sunday post-race group ride, that the missus decided that road biking maybe didn't completely suck as much as she'd been sure it did. 364 days after, it was pretty exciting to see where that had led.

Then Paul stayed on his hot streak and pulled in 2nd, followed by Gus in 11th. 2 podiums from 3 players on the day. Good day at the office.

After the morning races, I tried to take a ride up the hill to the Barn but pulled the plug about a mile above the State Park when it clearly just wasn't happening. As consolation, the better half bought me lunch at The General Store with her winnings and we went to the pool and got hammered. The Meyers and pineapple epidemic reached full blossom that afternoon, while I tested the limits of the "inhospitable host" theory (the theory being that if you chuck enough booze in your gullet, any virus or whatever you have will decide that you are a bad option for future prospects and leave).

Saturday night lasted way too long but was exceedingly fun.

The breakfast at The Guest House on Sunday morning was great. I finally felt halfway decent and decided to press on with the ride. Bit of a rocky start but we managed to put together a fun cast for a decidedly unambitious program and pace and had a good time.

Last night I was questioning whether I can even ever race at Lost River. I don't know whether it's that I enjoy watching the whole machine run, and seeing people excited to return to it while other people get it for the first time. Maybe it's that I don't want to have whatever happens during a race spoil it for me. I just know that I love the event.

Apparently our neighborhood had a tornado yesterday. Trees down and lights out everywhere.


Lauren Peterson said...

I'm happy part of the "fun cast for a decidedly unambitious program" any time. And tell the Mrs. that I have no way of contacting her to ride!

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