Monday, 19 July 2010


On Saturday I had four cramps in my left leg - calf, quad, hammie, and the outside ligament dealie thing behind my knee. The first twinges started towards the end of lap three. By the middle of the last lap I was actively managing the situation, fearful that I'd seize up and fall over. Woof. At the end, Paul's win secure, I thought I'd try to bluff my way off the front to get a minor place. Nothing. Doing. Way too painful.

Why do we cramp in races but not in training? I've cramped twice that I remember - Page Valley last year and this weekend. Both were really hot days. Saturday's episode may have had more to do with the fact that I was in the throes of developing toncillitis for the second time in 8 months. It started a little bit Friday and kept ramping up to the point where by last night I was incapacitated by it. It's like swallowing fire. My ears, nose and throat are wonders of the universe. The crap that comes out of my head... Oh boy. So hear I sit in the waiting room, probably about to go back on antibiotics. Sweet. My ears are hella clogged too.

After Page Valley I'm going to get my tonsils out. For the meantime, the tendon dealie thing cramp has turned into a situation. I'm gimping around. It's awesome.

Ready or not, I'm really psyched for Lost River. It will be weird as shit to go back and be a visitor - just some dude. But the number of comments I heard in the parking lot on Saturday, that people were looking forward to the race, makes me so happy. Three people who deserve massive credit for their dedication to making this happen are Scott Mabry, Jason Trust and Mike Laker. I certainly owe them for the work they did last year, but even more so for keeping it alive.

It's going to be a bloodbath I'm sure. Fortunately, the missus and I will be at liberty to retire to The Guest House when the hostilities have ended, where we will swim in the pool, eat snacky cakes and sip fruity blender drinks.

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