Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pass The Pipe

I smoke crack. In my post following Greenbrier I said I'd thought I was as high as 5th on the last lap. That can't be true. The group that I was in the merry-go-round with must have included some guys from neighboring fields, because the gap from 5th to 7th was big. Big enough that even I could not have lost that much time on one lap. No way. So allow me to take this opportunity to apologize to the guys in 5th and 6th who clearly pummeled me in all regards and at all times during this race. After the first climb finished, the highest place I could have been in at any point during that race was 7th. But watch out, I'm getting my act together. The fury and scorn which were heaped on me by all and sundry whenever the earth pointed away from me will not soon be welcome back.

Githens, could you please stick around for a while? I think I'm going to need more orthopedic services soon. Stanford Schmanford, this is the place for you.

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