Sunday, 21 March 2010

We ALL Got Dropped

Have you seen this man? Because after about 4 laps of yesterday's 3-4 race, I sure didn't. No one else did either. Apart from the simple matter of having Joe toy with us off the front, the race was just great. I'm sure (at least I hope) that this will go down as an anomaly with having had no TradeZones this year, and almost everyone jumping into a "real" race as their first race this year.

The team had an okay day. Not great, but okay. We started off absolutely resplendent in our AC/DC kits, which were high comedy if nothing else. Actually, the shorts are totally money and I'm psyched we get to keep them. With Larry playing promoter, my job got shifted from early break creation/getting into/crashing as needed to late race first lead out. I did a poor job with the switch. Greg was jumping off the front like no one's business, other guys were doing their roles more or less. The wind caused a situation where if you started from too far back it was a bear to get some solid real estate up front. I took the one free pass through that I had to bridge up to a break that Greg was in, which was probably 7 or 8 seconds up the road. I got there quickly and efficiently, but neglected to notice that there were no Bike Doctors in the break, and failed to bring one of them with me. Bert came up after I did and we tried a little something off the front but it went nowhere.

Later in the race I tried a little something else, but it was not a lot and it was way too late, such that I got filtered back as I got reeled in and was then late to bring CJ up to the front and stay on the front. I was able to get him near the front at shocking expense to myself, and Gus came by and got him the rest of the way up there. After all that CJ broke his chain (he's got POWA!!!) so it was all for naught.

The bad was that I rode dumb, the good was that I was still able to do some stuff despite not being too smart. Strong like bull, smart like tractor. Looking forward to Jeff Cup.

Good ride this morning with some fun dudes, then the wife and I played the lightning round at Fountainhead. Fother mucker, she's gotten pretty quick in the dirt. I cleaned a hill I didn't get the last time (the one after the little creek crossing sort of near the end of the loop) so I was psyched. Actually it was tits easy this time. Weird.

The photos I took of the 1-2-3 race mostly suck, but there are a couple of not awful ones I've passed out to the people who were in them. This one is okay, I hit the button at about the right time for where I was pre-focused. Notice how awesomely crisp and in focus the leaves behind Joe are in the first shot. It's also tough when the most interesting vantage point has god awful lighting, and you really aren't yet very good with post editing. Oh well. At least there's some eye candy. I think a polarizing filter would really have helped these out.

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