Sunday, 14 February 2010

TT Shenanigans

So the GamJams Computrainer TT Throwdown p/b SweatGUTR was a nice success. Everyone seemed to have a great time and if nothing else it beat another Saturday on the trainer. Huge thanks to both Conte's Bethesda and HPC for hosting, and to SweatGUTR for their support. Also to Mimi N for designing a fun course.

My race went well enough. I won my heat, followed by my friend Alex, so I was in the hot seat for a while but was eventually pushed down to 4th throughout the day. A few more, most notably my wife's future business partner in an artisanal cheese venture Joe Molloy, gave me a caning today but my time was really pretty close to most of the top ones. I am not very good at putting myself in the deep ugly part of the pain cave. My pacing would have been ideal for a race twice as long. I suffered from a pretty big case of "couldagonefasteritis" yesterday, compounded by knowing that like 20 seconds over 27 minutes could have put me tops on my team and on the podium for B group and 4th overall. But it was a really fun event with great hosts and a great chance to meet and hang with nice people, and there was a ton of interest in our doing it again. I think we plan to do so.


specialrider said...

I have an awesome velveta recipe that is nearly perfected!

Chuck Wagon said...

Organic, raw milk velveta. Get that one out to the masses and its high tides, green grasses and fat bank accounts forever!

specialrider said...

I want to put it into a gel pack for racing. Velveta may be a banned substance so I will have to double check that. Since mabra doesn't yet test for velveta we should be ok.

TerribleTerry said...

Flintstones- 1981-1982 Season
Invasion of the Cheese Snatchers

all I gotta say.

Anonymous said...

hi! all friends !! you update so quick !