Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thank God I Forgot The Vest

Wife and I roll out to Marshall to go for a ride today. Nice day. We haven't seen much of each other lately because my work schedule's been weird and will be for a while. Thankfully, she's caught the bug and wants to go roll in order to get some quality time together. Mint.

Changing in the parking lot, it feels WARM. I'm standing there in bibs, long sleeve jersey, lightweight thermal gloves, leg warmers and toe covers. I'm warm. Almost really warm. If I'd had a vest, I would have stuffed it in a pocket and rolled. Having no vest, I got on the bike and immediately went for the jacket. The wife went for hers. Thank. God. We were both dressed pretty near perfectly for the conditions. Coming off of Mt. Weather, it was no joke chilly.

Good ride. The wife can hang in just great so the workout is quality, then we each take the hills at our own pace. Shocked myself with my climb up to Heart Trouble from Rte 7 - darn near took out my best ever 5' interval even though the interval didn't quite last 5 minutes so there was a little bit of down time there. As with all of my recently discussed PRs, on this one I was just pressing myself to the level I had. I think my technique was good, picked a perfect time to stand that kept the rhythm right and rolled the last riser really strongly. Started (and finished) with no thought of putting up a number, it just came out well. Had a couple of other solid periods during the ride. We averaged some insane speed going south on 17 from 50 to the road that takes you back to Rectortown, where you make a left at the Anglican Church. Good scenery there. Rte 17 makes you feel like a freaking hero.

The missus has gotten a ton faster so far this year. It's pretty awesome. I bitch and moan a lot but I'm freaking lucky.

It was like 6 hours of outside riding for me this weekend, first rides out on the road bike since 1/1.

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