Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rearranging Deck Chairs

- $111 million over 6 years. Is it any wonder these people act like douche nozzles? I mean, seriously, what the fuck are we doing giving people that kind of money. Another funny bit about the Arenas coverage was that David Stern was referred to as someone who "usually" waits for the outcome of criminal proceedings before deciding on the NBA's action. If your organization is not referred to as a "family" and needs a "usually" in regard to criminal proceedings, it's time for a new organization.

- People who park like this are dicks, and this picture was seriously hard to take. The shutter was open for like 4 seconds. Twilight. Hmm. But seriously, if you're that worried about getting parked in, learn to drive.

- Talk about a Janary hero! This picture is just plain awful. My settings sucked, the lighting was all whacked out. Oh well - 49,678 shitty pictures left to go. At least you had something to look at.

When you need an image for FAIL!, look no further than tonight's workout. I think I'm just baked from maybe doing just a bit too much the last week or so. Or something else. But I'm taking a mellow day tomorrow.


GamJams said...

Do you have full rest weeks built into your schedule? You're hitting it pretty hard.

Christopher said...

Nice pics Dave.

I bought a D80 a few years back and really enjoy it. Just wait until racing starts, you'll get some great pictures.

-Chris N.

Chuck Wagon said...

Rest week? REST WEEK? I don't need no stinking rest week! Actually I took a lot of Christmas week off. But definitely playing the fine edge between getting as much better as I think is reasonable and becoming toast. Mostly it's under control.

Is that the real Chris N? How's it going? Want to come mountain biking in Lost River soon? I'll pack a chain tool for you!

Drew Armstrong said...

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dropped said...

It's just a matter of time

Chuck Wagon said...

No shit, Einstein. You know what you're looking for, right?