Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Stunning Day To Do What I Did

If every Sunday in November was this nice, I might be able to tolerate the tough love we got from Mother Nature all week. What a day to go do Skyline with a friend. That's a good workout, riding up there. I was a little concerned since this was the first time in over a year that I've used "real" cranks. 39x25 is still a spinning gear for Skyline. Spent lots of time in the 21.

From the Chuckwagon's Mechanical Desk:
10 speed drivetrains and 9 speed cranks don't get along at all whatsoever. It screws the whole thing up. Details at 11.

And now, the update from the Chuckwagon's "Things I Don't Get About Cross" Desk:
"A well-manned tech pit was crucial in the elite men’s race, which was the last event to hit the muddy track. Trebon said he handed off bikes every half lap, allowing his mechanic, Dusty Labarr, to spray down the rigs between exchanges. As more racers adopted the tactic, a sizable line grew for the two pressure washers.

“I’m taking our own gas pressure washer into the pit — I haul big barrels of water in there, but we just can’t wait in line,” Labarr said before the race. “You can imagine it. All 80 guys in the race are going to come in and it’s going to be a mess.” "

Jesus H, a fresh bike every half a lap? Incidentally, I met a lovely Belgian girl last night at a party, who knew precious little about bike racing. She claims that muddy Belgium is a myth, that the weather there is actually quite nice most of the time. Okey dokey.



TerribleTerry said...

dang I go to Ohio twice a year and every time I seem to miss skyline rides.

PlainJane said...

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've *never* been to skyline. I'll have to go incognito since I seem to be vertically challenged right now.

Nice tie-in with muddy bikes/muddy Belgium/i met a hot chick ...