Sunday, 29 November 2009


Five of us met at Fountainhead today to check it out. It's not good you shouldn't go. It's nice that some modicum of skill has decided to enter the equation after just a few outings. My friend Vince rides on a single speed, I think 32 x 19. It seems like you can stand more on the climbs around here. I think a gear that tall would be way hard in New England with all the sand and roots and stuff. I spent all day in the middle ring (32) but I was all over the thing. I'd like to go like 36/28 front and 11/34 back, but I'm not replacing anything that ain't broke or about to be on the mtb. Just bought DA 7800 cranks for the road. They're f-ing sweet. No new stuff for a little while, just a BB for the cranks.

It seems like there's a little groundswell for mountain biking these days. A lot of people are interested in it and there's no problem getting people to go. Everything's circular. I feel like in a couple of years there are going to be a bunch of guys who have raced road but who are psyched to get off road more. Cross has been an expression of that too, but it also seems like that's under pressure from all the converts. I've never raced mountain but it seems like a nice scene which I hope doesn't get f-d up if a bunch of new people get into it.

Traffic on 95 south, south of the Beltway, was nuts all day. I'm really glad to do as little time as I do on it.


Sigberto said...

I spent a few afternoons of my youth rowing on the waters before riding my bike in the dirt there. Great little place.

Hint: never drive the stretch of I-95 South between Springfield and Occoquan during daytime hours.

It doesn't help that the HOV goes into the city on the weekend although it seems the traffic is always congested heading south on Sat/Sun.

Andrew Shoaff said...

Glad you made it to Fountainhead. I was there a few weeks ago the day they dismantled the seesaws. Disappointing as that was a fun section. We should head out to Moon Rocks in Davis, WV one weekend. Amazing riding.

Chuck Wagon said...

Back roads in NoVa are confusing. Is 123 the name of the road or the number of roads that are named 123? It's like an inside joke that I'm not inside of.

A - why did they take the seesaws down? I was looking forward to that. People got hurt?

TerribleTerry said...

I almost bought a mountain bike this summer. Instead I borrowed other peoples and broke them. I loved it. My team switch has destroyed my bike shop I might be forced to just keep braking other peoples.