Friday, 30 October 2009

It Was Steep and I Was Fat

If you haven't read the 10 Questions with Avery yet, you're missing a classic. The kid is all star hilarious.

Apparently my trusty iPhone was feeling a little fat, or perhaps it was just a little steep. When I got out of the car yesterday, it fell out of wherever it was, face down on the pavement. SMASH! So $200 later I have exactly what I had at this time yesterday. Freaking awesome.

Work's really been doing a good job of letting me get started on training. We have this project that from all appearances is ready to go and will keep us busy for a good long while, like a few years. There are also a bunch of other smaller and interesting projects that are cropping up. But while we do pre-construction stuff, I get to work from home a bit and there have been no 10+ hour days this week. I was feeling really guilty about it at the beginning of the week, and then remembered all of the 80 hour weeks and crazy stuff that we had last winter, and the situation that was WAY nuttier than that in the spring a few years ago. So I got some really good workouts and some really good recovery in. I think I'm locked in to the routine I'll swing for the next seven or eight weeks, good stuff.

One "hooray for me" thing is that although I am a card carrying member of the old guys who get fat in winter demographic, I've only gained like 2 or 3 pounds since racing season. I know it'll creep up once the Christmas cookies start rolling in, those things are my absolute nemesis, but for now I was 166 in gym clothes last night.

Working on what may be a revolutionary change for Lost River next year. Don't know. We're working on it. I'm not the promoter anymore, but I have a parental-esque relationship with that sucker.


Bluenoser said...

I have to have a long conversation with you some time... for my own good.


TerribleTerry said...

I have to have a long ride with you some time... for my own good.


Drew Armstrong said...

Don't tease us like that, Dave--what's the lost river change?

Chuck Wagon said...

I don't think I'm exceptionally good for ANYONE'S well being.

No Lost River change. The box rules all!