Tuesday, 13 October 2009

10 Questions

I need suggestions for 10 Questions subjects. There is one ready to go which is awesome, and what I'm hoping will be the best one yet is in the works. There are a couple of good subjects I've got either in mind or on the hook, so the pipeline is in good shape. The thing is, sometimes I'm thinking about stuff that lends itself well to a particular person or subject, and the better ones have been when I've been able to match the stuff on my mind to the current interviewee. Sometimes it's really tough to keep it to just 10 questions. The one coming out this week was that way, the one after that could have been 20. If I have a big list of good subjects, then if I have a subject burning in my mind I can dial the appropriate person. Or, as sometimes happens, a great idea for an interview subject will loose a whole slew of question ideas.

The only limitations are that the person needs to be available, cycling related, and preferably of particular local interest. It need not be a celebrity all star hero, but interviewing the guy who got 34th after giving up on the pack sprint in the 3/4 race at Turkey Day (which would be me) would be kind of boring. There has to be some point of interest. I could interview the guy who won the 4 race at Turkey Day but that would be like two questions long - what was it like to look directly at my ass for half of the last eight laps and how did he muster the fury to negate my inspirational sprinting prowess?

People with an interesting commercial angle are interesting to me, but I don't want these to turn into PSAs or slut the thing out. There's been some modicum of journalistic integrity so far, I'd like to keep that up. That's not a hard fast rule though, you know, if there's something good in it for me.

As I said, there are some interesting ones in the hopper, and I am working on a few more that should be great, but in order to keep them good with the frequency we're hitting, I need lots and lots of fresh ideas.

And if anyone has Phillipe Gilbert's mobile number, could you forward it along please?

I might have the swine flu.

Thank you.


Avery Wilson said...

You should do a junior rider!!

Chuck Wagon said...

Good idea! Are you game?

susanh said...

Avery you took the words outta my mouth exactly. YOU would be an outstanding candidate. Don't forget all the other skills you own. It isn't all about the bike

TerribleTerry said...

I believe Avery means interview....

Chuck Wagon said...

I hope so Terry. This is MABRA, not NAMBLA.