Sunday, 20 September 2009

Too Early

5am is earlier than optimal for leaving for a race. Warming up in darkness. Also cold.

Even though I nearly made it work, a mile out is too early to jump. The dynamics of that field were much different than a MABRA field. I took off at a spot where I expected a big swarm and reshuffle, but it didn't happen. I took one
look back and they were fully strung, several seconds back. I just didn't have that list bit of juice. The sprint was fully on when I got passed and the first dude past me won, so it was pretty close. But the
plan was to try and win, and that's what I tried.

So I get to chew on that one all winter.


Tim Rugg said...

So no upgrade?

Chuck Wagon said...

I'll put in for it anyhow. What's up with you going unattached next year?

Tim Rugg said...

If you're referring to my blog entry, I was just sharing my thoughts of race plans for next year. Gotta leave the options open in case I get lucky and can be on the Harley (Even though they've foiled) development team!! But of course I'm riding for DVR/TBR. But hell, who wouldn't want to be a mercenary? That'd be badass, and I could get quite the collection of kits.

Chuck Wagon said...

I was surprised to think you were bailing on the boys.

You should see some of the shite boats I've agreed to sail on just for the jacket/shirt/etc.

I mapped my attack from yesterday. Turns out it was from 1.5 miles out. Don't know whether to be psyched to almost hold it from there or pissed for being a dumbass.