Saturday, 12 September 2009

Excuses Sneak Preview

So we were casting around for some effective thing to do today before the Turkeys fly tomorrow. Why not go kill ourselves on the 10am? It's not without good precedent - we did the same before Gundel a few weeks ago. My chest was all fouled up and wicked early on I just straight up told Nate that when I got shat out the back he should feel free to go on. It felt like the first day of a chest cold.

Because of that deal I didn't do quite as much work. I didn't chill out at the back, just did sort of par work. Of course that meant I had a fine ride and have broken my impressive streak of droppage. Nate quite wisely sat up at Travilah when he felt like he was going a bit deeper than he should the day before a race. What place does being smart have in my life? No place. I bailed out at the Piney Meetinghouse left and went straight in, in deference to tomorrow.

In response to my confusion about how/when to pull through vis a vis a certain rider who's profoundly faster than me, I sought some advice from my own personal Yoda, who said if you can pull through strong, pull through. If you can't go through strong, get out of the way and don't mess up the rhythym. As usual, profound wisdom. So I did have one wicked solid pull from 2/3 of the way over the first roller through to the outbound Piney Meetinghouse intersection, marred in its perfection only by the slow group we had to pass. But I do take astonishingly perfect pulls. People write sonnets about them. They're that nice.

I might have a stalker.

I say go Basso. Disappointing with the "I didn't inhale" defense, but otherwise I think he's good. Liquigas has a lot of guys I like.

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