Friday, 14 August 2009

Vote Vote Vote


I think I broke a toe a couple of weeks ago. The next to little toe on my right foot. It freaking kills.

Rumors of this season's demise are entirely premature. I keep hearing about how people are cooked, cashed, shot, spent, blown, bailing, etc. There's Millersburg this weekend, then Gundel (on the way home from which you can get the best chili cheese dog you are likely to ever have), Green Mountain, Turkey Day, Tour of the Catskills, etc. I'm not going as far as Catskills or GMSR (it's a lot of time and dough to get to them, which I'd gladly do if I didn't think my fitness was a bit unreliable at present), but I am going to race the hell out of whatever crits are around. There's one up near the in-laws in September that I'll get to.

From the old dogs and new tricks desk: I think yoga is hooking me up. Having never been a dedicated stretcher, and having natural flexibility that would remind most of rigor mortis, I notice a difference now. The other new trick is kitesurfing. Yes, I am going to explore the dark side of dope on a rope this fall. I've flown trainer kites a ton and it's a really good kind of power that it gives. Not sure that windsurfing is going to transfer any skills but we'll see. Would love to try the new trick of cross but not this year. Mountain biking. Already have the stuff.

Really the point of this post was to motivate people to vote for Jim.

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Ian said...

If I ever get the time again kite surfing seems like the direction I would head. Let me know how it goes.

BTW I gave up sailing to take up cycling because it was less of a time commitment. Ha Ha . . .