Monday, 10 August 2009

Page Valley of The Sun

Well that was warm.

I'm sure I've never coasted so much in a race. It was either full on or full off. Understandable given the heat. All season long I have had great spin and terrible leg strength and felt it sharply at Page Valley. Somehow made it to the last corner in pretty prime position but not prime enough to not get caught out by the 2 guys who flipped over through that turn. Starting from a standstill in way too tall a gear while watching people fly by took it out of me. The trip up the finish hill seemed like it took a year. Finished somewhere around 20th and almost called a cab to take me back to the parking lot.

Would have thought that after so long not racing that 3 races in 2 days would have been too much but apart from it being apparent that I've done nothing even resembling an interval in 6 weeks it wasn't bad. I might not be able to walk later today.

The Wilson brothers are having a contest to determine who's the bigger stud. Right now they're both winning.

Congrats and thanks to Chris and all of WWVC for putting on a fantastic event. The night after the race is the best time to be the promoter. It's all just thanks and congratulations by that point. And getting scores posted and figuring out the final numbers and all of that crap. Harder races are indeed funner.

PS - None of the photos I've posted lately are relevant to the posts. They're just nice pictures that Drew W took at Lost River. The one with the moto headlight is my favorite of all.

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