Saturday, 23 May 2009

School of Rock

Today our team decided to take the chance to do a little intramural practice in place of the delayed Murad race. Even though I seem to have caught the swine flu last night, was near to my limit just rolling around, and thus pretty much got spanked all day, it was really fun and seemed really productive. I threw an attack at one point (hitting a pretty sharp wattage with the move - swine flu or not) that got me up the road and split that race but ultimately nailed my coffin shut. Not so concerned about not having had the legs to back it up since I know how much poo is in my lungs right now. The awesome part is that I could learn that it just wasn't a very smart place to go, and it cost me and my team our best shot at that race. But I got to practice getting away and it had basically no consequences. Stop at the lap end, discuss what happened, move on.

It was also a really hard workout.

On the way home I coughed up some thing that looked like a king crab from Deadliest Catch except it was black red and green. Getting rid of that made my throat feel a lot better.

Off to the pool and build some kiwi muscles.


Sigberto said...

Yeah, I though I felt like poo this morning. Now I'm dead.

c said...

bummed i couldn't miss it. somehow i woke up and during the 8 hours of sleep i sprained my ankle.

Jim said...

Dave, that *was* king crab. It was the dead kind that floats at the bottom of the tanks.

BTW, that's an awesome show. I find it a tough call between that and Ax Men.

Sigberto said...

Since we're talking about it, I just wanted to let you guys know that there is a Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery Channel right now.

RayMan AKA StingRay said...

Something must be going around. I've been feeling weak this past week. Took Friday off work and rode about 60 miles with a couple other DC Veloers, felt really tired the entire ride. By Friday night, my whole body hurt, muscles/joints. I slept all day on Saturday and still feel really fatigued and sore today. Fortunately, my lungs and throat are fine. I'll be skipping the race this afternoon.