Wednesday, 29 April 2009

All Doped Up

Hooray, I'm a part of steroid nation! Patanase and some other thing that goes in my ears. After about 20 minutes it appears that my nostrils of fury have already defeated the Patanase, which is supposed to cure my chronic post nasal drip and relieve me of some of the action figures which jump out of my nose. No action figures, but the dulcet "drip, drip, drip" has yet to cease.

My hearing is A+ and my ear drums have excellent elasticity.

It's funny to open up and say ahhh, then have the doctor jump back and say "WOW, that's some thick mucus." Yeah, no shit doc, that's why I wrote it on the form.

Those of you who experience the 80's, you know, 80's style (I certainly didn't - what are you inferring?) would recognize what I got going down in my throat right now. Maybe I'll go rub the leftovers on my gums. Yeah, so my post nasal drip is now just numb.

I'll also be sampling Neil-Med Nasal Douche 3000.

So we'll see how things go and then have a CT scan. How's that sound?

I've never felt such a kinship with Davide Rebellin.

Okay since I've typed this I've discovered that maybe it works. I'm breathing like a freaking thoroughbred. Jesus. No wonder people are all over this stuff. Praise the lawd! I can breathe!

1 comment:

Fatguy Racer said...

Action Figures?

At my house we call them Nose Goblins.

PS - The Lost River crew assignments haven't been set in stone yet, but I did sign on to moto. I hear the roads are very conducive to hooligan riding, not that I condone that sort of thing.