Saturday, 14 February 2009

Dropped and Stupid

See, there's a good reason why you don't do stuff to your bike the night before a race. I took off my chain last night, cleaned it and replaced it. The trouble is that when I put it back on I went outside one of the little guide tabs on the rear dérailleur. So I was getting this funny clicking noise. When I got dropped on the false flat after the rollers, I looked and figured it out and fixed it. It didn't have anything to do with getting dropped, but it wasn't an advantage either.

The ride was fast but not that fast. The Glen Rd rollers were approached with malice and large gears, but there weren't any surges that killed. I felt great even though I had to dig a bit deep a couple of times (as the group was slimming down from about two dozen to six riders), but all was well. Then all of a sudden I couldn't hang. A classic drop. Waited forever, like seriously i was growing a long white beard by the roadside, For Mike P to catch up and then had a nice ride down Berryville and such.


chris said...

Those metal tabs on the lower pulley...the one the chain is supposed to go inside of..yeah always seems to get me but I notice instantly and say doooh so you went that far and it didnt feel really funny or complain more than just a clicking...unless its a different tab then I think you meani would think it would be real noisy and soo not smooth..also you said something to me today but I was maybe listening to Pink Floyd or Knarles Barkley or sumpin..sorry didnt catch it..good to wait for teammate though.

Chuck Wagon said...

No, that was the tab. It was pretty obvious that something was tweaked but I showed right at go time and then we hit every green light the whole way so no chance to check it.

I was commenting on your sporty new kit.