Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Certificate of Occupancy

As of about 45 minutes ago, we have officially delivered the completed hotel to our client. As anyone who's ever built stuff knows, this is when the real shouting and crying starts. We have a week and a half of punch list, which at this point consists mostly of piddling little cosmetic stuff, making sure the owner gets better than what they paid for, and weaning the whole rodeo off of us being on site to cater to their every whim.

Apparently the office rented out a bar on Friday night. My laments of Sunday last could well turn into my laments of Saturday this. Personally, there's so much little crap that I need to get done that a big night on Friday just makes Saturday a hungover day at work. Stupid is as stupid does.

We have been contracted to do a tenant fit out in an area of the job, which will keep us occupied for about six weeks longer. Beyond that, it's a bit of the great unknown. On paper, we have this big gigantic job to go to late this spring, and I'm in charge on site. We'll see.

This week turned into a recovery week, but I'm not sure how much actual recovery I'll get. Under the best of circumstances I'm not the best sleeper. Under stress, I sleep terribly, which of course just makes the situation worse. Last night I got home and figured I'd take a quick nap before working out, then thought again and did a nice light spin on the rollers for an hour, which I will repeat as many nights this week as I can.

So the plan is that the next couple of months are pretty mellow and I can focus on something besides work, then we open up the new site which will be mellow for a while as we dig holes and such. If that holds up, I will be the guy riding around with a smile on his face. If not, I'll be the guy with the "will work for food" sandwich board.


John(ny) said...

Substantially complete! Congrats on another project finished, and have fun with that endless punchlist and the "warranty" callbacks...

Dave said...

Thanks. These guys are funny with punchlist and warranty. It ought to be interesting. But a cool building nonetheless.