Sunday, 18 January 2009


Between work, going out hard last night, a really good workout yesterday and dealing with prepping lost river stuff, I'm beat.

Yesterdays workout was good in that it made the time on the trainer pass quickly, but it turns out to have been pretty hard. I'm not recovering from it in my normal rubber band like way. Also, I'm old. But after a warmup I alternated between threshold and tempo in 5 minute chunks for an hour. These are the kind of workouts where the powertap helps me a lot, because the rpe varies so much throughout the hour. Late in the workout it felt way easier than it had earlier.

Today I did a couple of hours with Drew at kind of uptempo endurance pace. He went a bunch longer than I did, I wanted to hang with the missus a bit. Haven't seen her much lately.

Big week coming up. Two or three more weeks and my whole entire world turns to sunshine, butterflies and puppy dogs

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