Sunday, 28 December 2008

Look Ma, No Wires

The new PowerTap wheel is all built. Rim is from an Easton Circuit, spokes are DT Swiss Champion, two cross lacing. Notice the lack of wires or pickup or anything. Just the hub and the head, that's all there is. Really cool. I'm getting really good at building wheels (when I bother to buy the right spokes), as this one took me about 90 minutes start to finish, and I spent a bunch of time unlacing the wrong spokes. The key to building a back wheel is to get it true and dished using just the drive side, and then tune the roundness and tension with the non-drives.

The iPhone camera isn't so great.

Once it was all done I threw the bike on the trainer and briefly dialed into the gearing and cadence I've been using during my LT intervals to see how far off I was. Turns out that I'd been using just slightly less than my "in shape" wattage from last year for my recent workouts, so that's okay.

Greatest dog in the world.

WTF? Disgusting.


Jim said...

The Chelada thing is part of Anheuser-Busch's efforts to penetrate the latino market. Miller is doing something similar with a lime juice+beer combination.

Which is fine with me but I'm going to draw the line at chorizo-tequila (Chunquila) and menudo- cerveza modelo (Stinkeeza).

Boz said...

I think the beer world is gone crazy w/ all the flavor combos out there. Most suck big time. Back in the day, 3.2 beer was more palatable with the addition of tomato juice from time to time. But these day, there just ain't no need fer it.

Jim said...

Well, since you're being serious Boz... adding tomato juice to beer is a hangover remedy. That with a cheezburger, or some greasy fried eggs and bacon, was a sure restorative.

Dave said...

Really, I say anything with chorizo (or chorico as the Portuguese in New Bedford rock it) is okay. It's just that you'd have it chorico with beer and not beer with chorico. Any one of about a dozen combos would be good: red wine, beer, tequila, vodka, bourbon, etc.

Tomato juice and beer is just as nasty as beer and tomato juice.